Hole-in- One Club


When a Blind or Visually Impaired person is introduced to competitive golf, barriers disappear.


Our Members journeys fuel our mission.


Our Jr Golf clinics and lessons leave a lasting imprint.


Membership provides Blind & Visually Impaired golfers to complete with others in the same sight categories.


Since 1953 the USBGA has served the Blind & Visually Impaired community


we strive to grow the sport by offering clinics to blind and visually impaired people and teach them the sport of blind golf.

Hole-in-One Club


The following are the amazing stories of the fortunate USBGA members who have had a Hole-in-One!  Have you had a hole-in-one not listed here?  Contact us!

Charles Perle, B3

Course – Greenbrier Wittingham Golf Course

Date – June 24, 2022

Description – Par 3 and used a 4 hybrid

Ty Thompson, B2

Ron Plath, B2

Kevin Edwards, B2

Course – Peninsula Golf Resort, Lancaster, Ky

Date – September 10, 2012

The Shot – Hole #4, 144 yds; Club – 9-iron

Coach/Guide – Boyle May

Description –  Lined up on the rght edge of a tree behind green.  “You started it on the line and it will land on the green.  It’s on the green and is rolling.  It’s at the pin.  It went in!”  My comment, “Really?”  Doyle’s reply “I’ll bet your clubs on it!”  My reply “You mean if it didn’t, that I’d have to give you my clubs?”  Doyle’s’ reply “OK, I’ll bet everybody’s clubs!”  Mike Green stated “I saw it go in also!”  “It’s in the hole”  Don Shackleford “I didn’t see it, I was getting a club”.  my reply “Let’ s hold off on high 5’s until we go up there.”  Once near the green, Ty  is the first out of the cart and walks to pin and recovers the Titleist from the front bottom of the cup.  Then high 5’s broke out!  Then one of the group got funny and stated “Too bad this does ‘t count.”  I asked “why?” and they replied “Well, doesn’t really count, if you can’t see it go in?”  I’m sure he smiled as he saw my expression turn from disbelief to laughter.

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GolfWorld article of this amazing feat

Sheila Drummond, B1

Course – Mahoning Valley Country Club

Date – Aug 19, 2007

Description –  Sheila Drummond of Pennsylvania hit a hole-in-one. She is believed to be the first totally blind woman to do so.


Sheila Drummond showing hole in one ball
Brick with Sheila Drumond for hole in one
Sheila Drumond hole in one

Art Beauregard, B3

Course – Midland Valley Country club, SC

Description – Arthur Beauregard has had 4 hole-in-one, 3 were after he lost his vision:

1st: with sight 
Lincoln country club
120 yards
Pitching wedge
2nd Midland Valley Country club
# 9 178 yards
5 Iron
3rd Midland Valley Country Club
# 12 160 yards
7 Iron
4th Plantation Country Club Crane Roost
# 11 124 yards
Pitching wedge

Linda Port, B3

Par 3, Hole #8 – Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  109 yds – used an 8 iron


Par 3, Hole #4 – The Vintage Club, Indian Wells, CA.  160 yds – used 4 iron.


Par 3, Hole #17 – Mountain Course at The Vintage Club, Indian Wells, CA.  110 yds – used 7 iron.

Charlie Adams, B3

Course – Stone Creek Golf Club, Oregon City, OR

Date – Oct. 4, 2006

article on Charlie Adams for hole-in-one
Hold flag from hole-in-one by Charlie Adams

Bob Andrews, B1

Course – Killearn Country Club, South Course, Tallahassee, FL

Description – Hole #3, 135 yards, 7 iron.  It was late in the day when Bob and friend Bill were playing. No one on the course or at the pro shop. Bill said “oh shoot. Only you Bob, me and God saw this. I wonder if anyone will ever believe us.”  They did and the club gave Bob a plaque. 

plaque showing details of hole in one by Bob Andrews