When a Blind or Visually Impaired person is introduced to competitive golf, barriers disappear.


Our Members journeys fuel our mission.


Our Jr Golf clinics and lessons leave a lasting imprint.


Membership provides Blind & Visually Impaired golfers to complete with others in the same sight categories.


Since 1953 the USBGA has served the Blind & Visually Impaired community


we strive to grow the sport by offering clinics to blind and visually impaired people and teach them the sport of blind golf.

Volunteer with the USBGA

The United States Blind Golf Association provides a great opportunity to do volunteer work for a fantastic cause, blind golf.  The USBGA is always looking for volunteers to help with coaching, tournaments, clinics for Jr. Golf, fundraising, website support and much more.

Blind golf is a team sport and we are always in need of coaches to assist golfers with transportation as well as distance and direction on the course.  We have tournaments in different parts of the country and we can use volunteers to help with different items including scorekeeping.  Clinics to help kids and adults are held in different parts of the country and volunteers can help with assisting the students at the clinics.  We do fundraising and would be happy for volunteers that have experience in this area.  If you are computer savvy, we could use your volunteer help with our website support.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the USBGA, please call us at (240)847-4653 or email us and one of the members will contact you soon.