Do I have to be totally blind to play?


When a Blind or Visually Impaired person is introduced to competitive golf, barriers disappear.


Our Members journeys fuel our mission.


Our Jr Golf clinics and lessons leave a lasting imprint.


Membership provides Blind & Visually Impaired golfers to complete with others in the same sight categories.


Since 1953 the USBGA has served the Blind & Visually Impaired community


we strive to grow the sport by offering clinics to blind and visually impaired people and teach them the sport of blind golf.

Do I have to be totally blind to play?

No.  The USBGA and the International Organization, the IBGA, both recognize 3 sight categories for players:  B1 – Totally Blind, B2 – Vision Impaired, and B3 – Vision Impaired.   Read more about the sight categories, rule modifications and guides here.